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Accelerating the Future of Humanoid Robotics: Nicholas Nadeau's Leadership at 1X (Halodi Robotics)

As industries across the globe face a growing labour crisis, the need for innovative and efficient solutions has never been more critical. As the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 1X (Halodi Robotics), Nicholas Nadeau played a central role in developing humanoid robots to augment human labour in various industries.

Nicholas Nadeau’s Key Contributions at 1X (Halodi Robotics)

Developing Humanoid Robots for Real-World Applications

Under Nicholas Nadeau’s leadership, 1X created the EVE humanoid robot, a fully integrated platform employing AI autonomy and direct force control. This innovative design ensures safe and capable operation in security, retail, and Industry 4.0 applications.

Expanding 1X’s Global Presence

With a vision to augment labour worldwide, Nicholas Nadeau led the expansion of 1X to over 50 employees across Norway, the United States, Canada, and Italy. He also established the Montreal headquarters, focusing on robotics, AI/ML, VR, and computer vision, and managed the Halodi Robotics Canada Inc subsidiary.

Securing Funding for Growth and Innovation

Nicholas Nadeau was crucial in building the team, product, and customer deployments that led to funding for 1X, including a $10M USD Series A and a $24M USD Series A2 led by OpenAI. This funding allowed the company to scale its operations, continue research and development, and launch its bipedal android model NEO.

Delivering Results for Enterprise Customers

Under Nicholas Nadeau’s guidance, 1X executed successful pilot projects with enterprise customers, resulting in the largest-ever contract for humanoid robots. This achievement included the delivery of 140 robots to ADT Commercial, demonstrating the practical applications of humanoid robots in the real world.

Transforming the Future of Labour with 1X Technologies

With Nicholas Nadeau’s expertise and passion for robotics, 1X has emerged as a leader in developing humanoid robots capable of human-like movements and behaviours. The company’s mission to create robots with practical, real-world applications has positioned it at the forefront of the global labour market, offering innovative solutions to address the labour crisis.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Robotics?

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