Navigating the Future of Women's Health: The Collaboration of Nadeau Innovations and FemTherapeutics

Driven by the vision to revolutionize women’s healthcare, Nadeau Innovations is working with FemTherapeutics, a medical device company at the forefront of healthcare technology. Providing strategic direction and technical guidance, Nadeau Innovations supports FemTherapeutics in crafting innovative solutions to redefine traditional women’s healthcare paradigms.

Catalyzing Personalized Healthcare through Innovation

FemTherapeutics utilizes advanced technologies, including AI, 3D printing, and computer vision, to customize gynecological prosthetics, thereby delivering high-quality healthcare solutions tailored to the unique physiological needs of each woman.

Empowering Growth through Expertise

Nadeau Innovations champions the alignment of technology, people, and processes to derive optimal outcomes, providing strategic guidance to stimulate innovation, boost team morale, and facilitate knowledge sharing across businesses.

Building High-Performance Teams: A Unified Partnership

The collaboration between Nadeau Innovations and FemTherapeutics blends technical excellence, team building, and innovative thought processes. This empowering partnership has enabled FemTherapeutics to cultivate unique solutions and a culture of diversity and inclusivity, fostering a high-performing, sustainable team.

Agile Solutions: The Bedrock of Growth

The commitment to delivering agile solutions that facilitate accelerated growth and scaling is at the heart of Nadeau Innovations’ philosophy. This approach shines through in the multidisciplinary development of FemTherapeutics’ gynecological products, effectively bridging the gap between technological potential and practical healthcare needs.

Agile Prototyping: Adapting to Real-World Needs

Speed and adaptability lie at the core of product development. With this in mind, Nadeau Innovations and FemTherapeutics adopt an agile mindset and a “continuous delivery” approach in their product development process. This ensures a rapid feedback loop with stakeholders, allowing for constant refinement of prototypes and contributing to developing personalized healthcare solutions that resonate with women’s needs.

Breaking New Ground with 3D-printing

FemTherapeutics is leading the industry by developing the world’s first 3D-printed, customizable pessaries. These innovative prototypes, aimed at addressing the widespread and often overlooked issue of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), mark a new era in women’s pelvic health solutions.

Championing Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion: Vision for the Future

FemTherapeutics extends beyond product innovation to champion a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion, fostering a vision of the future where women’s health is accorded equal prominence, thereby enhancing clinical outcomes universally.

Shaping the Future of Healthcare: Key Achievements

The partnership between Nadeau Innovations and FemTherapeutics focuses on significant milestones:

  1. Development of a data-driven AI platform for personalized medical solutions.
  2. Prototyping of the world’s first 3D printed, customizable pessaries.
  3. Fostering an inclusive culture and high-performance team structure.
  4. Positioning FemTherapeutics as a leading innovator in women’s healthcare.

These achievements hold the potential to transform traditional healthcare norms and set new benchmarks for personalized and equitable healthcare solutions.

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Nicholas Nadeau, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Nicholas Nadeau, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Founder / Fractional CTO

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